Published August 13, 2011 by whitey1123

Kinda been out of it/unsure of what to write lately, so I’m sure this post will kinda be all over the place.  I’ve been feeling lately like people only want me around when they want something.  Obviously when you have a job like doing hair, everyone and their mother wants a deal or an appointment.  And while I love what I do, I don’t love having to do it after a full day at the salon or worse, on my days off, which are few and far between lately with everything going on.  Maybe it’s partly my fault, since I used to offer to do so much for free, and a) I can’t afford to do that anymore and 2) I very rarely say no.  Saying no has definitely been something I’m working on more and more…but its hard when I have no reason basically not to say no.  I have no one to go home to, no one I need to share my time with, so it’s like I’m better off just keeping myself as busy as possible.  And obviously if I’m getting paid for my time, I can’t really afford to say no.

But I will say…I get such an amazing feeling from making people happy and feel good about themselves.  Definitely the gift that keeps on giving.  Makes me remember how much I love what I do.  I’m so grateful for that.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many amazing people through this career.  I think the most memorable is a current client, an 84 year old woman who has invited me to her house and had me for dinner.  She’s like the little Italian grandmother I’ve always wanted.  She came off at first as such a prim and proper woman, only to cuss almost as much as I do.  I’ve known her maybe for a couple months, and she treats me like a member of the family.  It’s amazing.  I hope that our relationship continues, because it definitely refreshes me and makes my day every time she walks in the door.  Her son, Bobby is disabled, after an accident a long time ago, and lives with her, so they often come together.  He is so kind and such a happy-go-lucky person regardless of the disappointments and letdowns in his life.  He is also amazing.  Always has a smile on his face, and also treats me just like family.

So many people think I’m crazy for making such a crazy switch in careers…but it’s the one move I would never and could never regret….


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