Published August 15, 2011 by whitey1123

I can’t remember the last night that I slept well.  Even my excedrin-pm-induced Saturday night with the added bonus of Lake Ontario waves wasn’t a completely restful night.  And I usually ALWAYS sleep well on those kind of nights.  I am normally a night owl, but I’ve been having a harder and harder time getting myself to bed, and it’s not like I’m getting wrapped up in some stupid movie or tv show I’ve seen a million times.  I even try to read, to get myself to relax enough, instead of making myself fall asleep to a movie, which apparently does more harm to a good night’s sleep than good.  But lately, I just keep reading and reading until I’m already 2 hours late (or more) in attempting sleep.  Last night I got about 4 hours sleep.  Maybe.  And then passed out again this afternoon for a couple hours.  I mean, I’m glad at least that my work schedule allows time for naps, haha.  I feel sick to my stomach too, which I hate, but maybe I’m having sympathy pains for my pregnant cousin.  Makes me wonder if I could deal with the first trimester of pregnancy. I’m gonna be miserable when that day comes.

Oh, what a gray and hopeless day
I’ve got a worried mind
The sun’s behind the clouds again
And so am I
I ask the sky
Tell me which way to go, how will I know to shine again?


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