Published August 17, 2011 by whitey1123

In an industry like mine, the only ones that get anywhere are the ones who are hungry for more.  There’s a reason why people know who I’m talking about when I mention Vidal Sassoon, Nick Arrojo, Ted Gibson, Martin Parsons, Anthony Mascolo, Kris Sorbie, Tabatha Coffey…and maybe someday my name can be a household name too.  And some days, that seems more realistic than others.  I wonder sometimes that if I had been able to do what I had originally planned for myself, I’d be further along in my career and where I want to be.  My parents took me to a college fair when I was in my sophomore year.  Being a good student, they wanted to jump on getting me to think about college and what I wanted to do with my life.  I can still remember the first time I saw the Aveda booth.  For those who don’t know, Aveda is a big name in the beauty industry, and they’re dedicated towards being more natural and earth/people friendly.  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to go check it out.  Looking back, I know it would have been an amazing opportunity.  Not only would I have had the chance to live in NYC, but going to their institute would have helped me put my foot in the door in a completely different way.  The way the salon industry works in upstate NY is a little, okay, a lot different and slow, more or less.  Aveda would have helped open so many doors for me.  And the environment in NYC would have opened so many doors for me.

I feel stuck some days.  While I love what I do, I’m so limited in some ways.  When you start out in NYC, you start at the complete bottom of the barrel.  You do all the grunt work and the hard work and the stuff no one else wants to do, but everyone has done it to climb that ladder and appreciate the view.  Sure, I started out as an assistant at a private salon, worked my ass off for almost a year, and ended up being such a good assistant, maybe too good, and my bosses couldn’t afford to move me up as they should have (since I earned it).  Apparently they could afford to lose me, because I quit and moved on.  Sometimes I wish I had stayed, but I appreciated the experience, learned a lot, and gained so much confidence that, in my opinion, shines through every time I do hair in my own chair now.  Granted, I ended up going corporate.  Maybe that makes me a sellout.  Maybe it doesn’t.  I know that I’ve been there almost a year and a half now, but I don’t wanna be a lifer.  I want to learn and keep learning, I want to experience as much as I can, and move on to bigger and better things.  Even if that means I have to go back to being an assistant somewhere, so be it.  I wanna do movie star hair! B)

listen to your soul.

do what you LOVE ♥

your destiny is waiting…

“Don’t ever feel like it is too late to pursue your dreams. With passion and dedication you can achieve anything.” -Tabatha Coffey


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