bored randomness.

Published August 30, 2011 by whitey1123

not feeling very inspired lately to write about much.  still crossing my fingers that zelda comes home…i miss her like crazy.  frustrated with a lot of things and not sure what to do about most of them.  it’s the end of august, so that means nys fair time…but i can’t really say it was all that enjoyable.  certainly nothing special happened that was worth reliving or talking about.  man, do i sound pessimistic.  guess that’s how i’m feeling about things lately.  sick of being alone.  sick of struggling.  sick of ______. the list could go on.  i’m watching anthony bourdain as a pig is butchered…i understand why people become vegetarians after watching shit like this.  i keep thinking lately about moving. far away from all of this.  but would it really be better?  most likely not.  i’d be leaving the support of family.  that alone would be hard.  i’d miss my little sister.  i feel like i missed enough of her growing up.  but when is it ever a good time to move away from the people you care about?  there’s never a good or convenient time for that.

anddd……that’s all i got.



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