Published October 17, 2011 by whitey1123

so this is just an update…the ex has now cancelled plans with me twice in a row.  and without much notice.  i am not impressed, and i am sure as hell not going out of my way to attempt to make more plans.  ugh. yet another reason why i have little to no faith in the male race,  and why i continue to not bother with them as a whole unless they bother me.  to top it all off, he started flirt-texting me last night.  like seriously? and let’s just talk about the excuses used….#1, he hurt his leg at the gym, and #2, work, which could very well be legit, but not very believable after excuse #1.  oh and the best part? for someone who supposedly wants to “catch up, etc” he picked a super shady, dingy, sketchy, loud, noisy, packed bar….how exactly do you go about catching up in a busy bar on a saturday night?  therefore, his intentions are super questionable at this point.  so….douchebag, or not a douchebag? that is the question.


2 comments on “questionable.

    • nah, i’m with you. i haven’t heard from him since that night, so i’m dunzo with that. i’ve always said that after everything i’ve been thru, the next boy that comes along is gonna have a hard time keeping me from being a major bitch. i’ve never been a bitch, and it’s about time i am…

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