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Published November 14, 2011 by whitey1123

if anyone ever wanted to know what my favorite holiday is, you could ask all my friends and family, and they’d all give you the same answer.  my birthday, of course! now before you groan in disgust, my birthday, does on occasion, fall on thanksgiving. so technically, yes, it can be a holiday in the most literal sense.  but as far as i’m concerned, my birthday is the best day of the year.  not to say that i’ve never had bad birthdays, because i have.  but why not make the most out of the one day that only im “important.”  growing up the oldest of 4 kids, everyone else in my family got the attention, positive and negative.  so for whatever reason, i decided to make the most out of my birthday for myself.  selfish? maybe.  childish? maybe.  but it’s my birthday, and i’ll do what i want to 😛  so for as long as i can remember, i count down to my birthday, once it’s 30 days away.  and thanks to facebook, yes, i am that annoying daily status changer for those 30 days, making sure everyone who wants to know, knows.  most people i talk to think it’s a little crazy, but maybe i am too.

i guess i just don’t see the point in dreading your birthday…why not take advantage of the celebrating?  and speaking of celebrating, i go all out, planning some sort of party/dinner/barhopping and invite everyone i know.  and i drag all the celebrating out as far as i can. i typically get to celebrate my day for a good week, at least, if not more. in fact, the celebrating started saturday night, when my mom treated me to a pedicure.  and yes, i was the girl walking around with the birthday tiara.  why? because i freakin’ can!  i now have a g rated tiara, which i can wear to work etc, and then i have my pg or maybe pg13? rated tiara that says birthday bitch.  one of the best presents i got last year 😉

so as of right now…9 days till my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! 😀