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Published December 1, 2011 by whitey1123

ugh. how is it december already?  cray-cray!

so my birthday was definitely enjoyable…and countdown worthy, of course.  i started off the celebrating early with full pedicure with my mom and little sis, then went with my dad to our local university’s bball game… GO SU!  and then came breaking dawn night…went to the midnight show and had lots of fun.  meanwhile…my boss at work had been giving me shit about my countdown so we were having a war of writing on each other’s mirrors at our stations, all of which came down to my boss writing happy birthday in permanent marker on my mirror.  lol.  she was soooo mad and was so trying to get me back, when really, it just made her make a big deal about my birthday like i had intended 😉  BAM!

proceeded to celebrate my birthday at the bar with everyone who was able and willing to show up…so free drinks + chugging from a free bottle of champagne all night = a happy drunk girl gallavanting around our local grocery store around 3 am looking for food etc.  i came home with a sandwich, dill pickle potato chips, a bag of bugles, birthday napkins that i insisted i had to have, and a breaking dawn magazine for whatever reason. paying for these items was clearly hilarious, as i dropped my money all over the floor, and getting myself back into the car was apparently a challenge. i slept great that night lol.  everyone sang happy birthday to me on thanksgiving, so obviously i loved every second.  my family knows me all too well.

i then proceeed to work about 13 hours straight through black friday, which i definitely wasn’t well rested enough for, but oh well.  celebrated again a few days later at my mom’s with another thanksgiving dinner…which i have been eating all week since it’s my favorite meal everrrrrr.

my mom of course had to make some comments though, which have kinda been stuck in my head.  so she apparently has a friend who’s a psychic of some kind, or has visions, or whatever.  idk how much i even buy into that stuff, but whatever, that’s her thing.  so this lady is insisting that i’m gonna meet this guy with sandy blonde/brown hair (omg how cliche sounding) and he apparently will have a little meat on his bones (which is my mom’s nice way of saying he’s fat or overweight or whatever) and that i have to be out dancing somewhere to meet him.  so i see her on thanksgiving, and she says, word for word “so obviously you didn’t mean any guys last night on your birthday” and i look at her like, wow, mom i didn’t know my sole goal in life is to be a slut.  she then said i was supposed to be dancing on top of the tables.  and i was like, um, im sorry im not a prostitute mom, oh and good thing im hardly tall enough to reach the bar tables, let alone climb up on them.  i was just like, is she for real? did she just say that? last time i checked i was celebrating me, not me having to meet some dude.  it was my freaking birthday, not date conquesting. so yeah, apparently to my mom, im doing it wrong.

which makes me think i must be doing it right.

i am not living my life to meet a guy, im so tired of feeling so freakin obligated to be in a relationship.  how is that at all enjoyable or desirable?  what a joke. god, for whatever guy that does come my way, i’ll just apologize in advance for being a psychotic bitch.  thanks mom!